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The GAGE Facility occasionally is offline for scheduled maintenance and unforeseen network issues. This site is updated by our IT staff with the status of our outages and affected data services.

See our Alerts Page for information regarding closures, and emergencies.

Current Systems Status:


Upcoming Planned Outage:

See our IT Outage Calendar for upcoming UNAVCO Data Systems Maintenance Activites that will take our systems offline.

Past Outages:

2021-07-29 - UNAVCO performed scheduled maintenance on their network from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM MST and all networks returned to normal operating consitions after the maintenance was completed.

2021-04-15 - UNAVCO experienced an unplanned outage of all of its services including GNSS data search and access.

2019-08-20 - UNAVCO experienced an unplanned outage of all of its services including GNSS data search and access.

2019-05-22 - UNAVCO experienced an unplanned outage of its services including GNSS data search and access.

2018-06-?? - ?? MST - Planned: UNAVCO Data Systems Maintenance Activities

2017-12-27 - Unplanned: GNSS/GPS data outage due to database issue, 1pm-8:40pm MDT. The archive for gnss data and products has encountered a database problem that is interfering with current archiving and access to certain services. Access to GNSS data and products is still available through our FTP site and web services. However, no updates are taking place and tools such as the DAI and GSAC are not functioning correctly. We are working to restore these services and will provide updates as new information becomes available.

2017-03-10 3:00pm - Our main website is offline at the moment. We are working to restore service.

2017-03-09 9:00pm - All systems should be at normal operational mode. Issues with restarting systems in VMWare resolved. Believe all have been restarted now. If you find issues, send email to 4help@unavco.org

2017-03-09 5:52pm - The storage system is back online, but has left a number of systems "stuck" being without disk for so long. We are rebooting those systems to restore their functionality. Full restoration could still take an hour or two. Thanks for your patience.

2017-03-09 4pm - A severe degradation of one of the storage systems in Boulder has caused widespread impacts to services at UNAVCO. The main website as well as the GPS archive, and anything which is NOT a virtual machine is generally working. VPN is not available at this time, and any Microsoft-centric applications which rely on Active Directory are probably not available.

The problem occurred while working with a vendor on our storage system. We believe the problem will fix itself after a RAID controller battery unit completes a charging cycle.

2017-01-12 8:29pm - Realtime back online, systems and network look good. Going to call "all clear". Thank you for your patience as we worked to restore service.

2017-01-12 7:26pm - Realtime re-enabled and network looking good. Please report anything out of the ordinary to sysadm@unavco.org. Thank you.

2017-01-12 5:26pm - UPDATE: Network is generally stable now. Please check your apps and report any issues to sysadm@unavco.org. Realtime to be enabled around 6:30pm MST.

2017-01-12 4:49pm - UPDATE: Our primary link is offline until further notice. Our backup connection is online and services except realtime are available... Further testing underway and realtime services to be restored soon.

2017-01-12 3:45pm - Unplanned: We believe the situation has improved significantly at this point. Additional testing is being done at this point and realtime data systems are still offline.

2017-01-12 - Unplanned: We are experiencing some network issues including degraded access to public UNAVCO sites and services as well as connectivity out to the internet from Boulder. We're working on restoring connectivity ASAP.

2016-06-21 - Planned: UNAVCO Network failover testing - - external connectivity interruptions during this time while performing failover testing - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM MDT - 2.0 hours.

2016-06-13 - Planned: UNAVCO Network upgrade - Redundant fiber Internet connection installation - external connectivity interruptions during this time while performing failover testing - 2.5 hours.

2016-06-08 - Planned: UNAVCO Network upgrade - all external connectivity will be lost at 7:00 PM MDT. Expected outage - 2.5 hours.

2016-04-08 - Unplanned: UNAVCO experienced a fiber outage with our network provider.

2015-10-28 - Planned: data outage scheduled for routine maintenance, 5-7pm MDT.

2015-07-30 - Unplanned: UNAVCO experienced a network outage due to an issue with our service provider (cut fiber optics in the Boulder area). For more information see: 2015-07-30 Unplanned Network Outage

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