2013 Winter/Spring: Network Upgrades and Planned Outages

Post date: Feb 4, 2013 10:31:17 PM

Over the next three months UNAVCO will be redesigning and upgrading the Boulder Data Center network to eliminate single points of failure, support the continued virtualization of our server environment, and to support upgrades to the field communications network that will be required over the next few years.

This effort has been organized into four phases scheduled over the next three months. We are planning two phases in February and one each in March and April. Each phase will require taking the network out of service for a period of from two to six hours and will impact access to data and services.

This web page with complete information on the schedule and affected services is available at http://www.unavco.org/data/data-outage-plan.html and will be updated as needed.

Outage Schedule

  • Phase 1: Monday, 2/11

    • 3 hour outage commencing at 10 AM MST

  • Phase 2: Monday, 2/25

    • 3 hour outage commencing at 8 AM MST

  • Phase 3: Monday, 3/18

    • 2 hour morning outage commencing at 8 AM MST

  • Phase 4: Monday, 4/15

    • 8 hour outage commencing at 8 AM MST

    • Phase 6: Monday, 6/10

      • maximum 3 hour outage commencing at 8 AM MDT

Two to three days before each outage we will send a reminder to unav-data@ls.unavco.org. During each maintenance phase any attempted access to www.unavco.org, pbo.unavco.org or www.earthscope.org will be redirected to the outage status page hosted offsite at http://www.unavco.org/data/data-services-status.html. Additionally, a twitter feed (http://twitter.com/unav_it) will be provided for status updates and the tweets will also be posted to the outage status page. This will allow you to be informed of status in case the maintenance encounters difficulties that affect the outage duration.

Data and Service Availability

All UNAVCO services, data access, and the Earthscope web site will be unavailable during these outages with the exception of the offsite GPS ftp server mirror. This mirror will have all data received and processed up to the beginning of each outage and requests to ftp://data-out.unavco.org will be automatically redirected to the mirror during each outage.

Please bookmark the status webpage http://www.unavco.org/data/data-outage-plan.html as it will be updated with any changes to this information.

Best regards,

Lee Snett, IT Manager